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Social media marketing has created a buzz in digital marketing industry. This aspect of online marketing is continuously evolving with new social media platforms coming up each day. Fast, dynamic and revolutionary, social media has changed the way individuals communicate, connect and interact with each other. Social media marketing has brought these features to online marketing, thus giving businesses a new way to communicate with their customer base. Though the boon of social media is known to all, several small and medium businesses in Greater Toronto Area are still apprehensive to the idea. Just visit a social media marketing company in the GTA to understand the basics of social media marketing and how it can benefit your business.

Whether you are a professional online marketer or a business owner trying social media for the first time, here are few social media marketing tips that prove to be a great help –

  • Before you begin, run a social media audit to analyze your current social presence. Create a social media marketing plan to organize marketing efforts for your business in GTA. To create the plan you need to research on various popular social media platforms and decide which platforms you wish to utilize. You should also consider “smaller” social networks like Pinterest as these can provide surprising results.
  • Try not to curate your social media content too much. You need to post regularly so you will require a wide variety of content for social sharing. From images to videos and text, create a combination of posts to be updated on your social media profiles.
  • Images are known to have higher share value than text based posts. This trend has been observed on popular social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. When planning visual content, optimize it with links so that it can drive traffic back to your website.
  • Use tools that analyze the performance of past content to give you an idea of what works with the audience. You can also use tools like BuzzSumo to find top performing content for the day or for a particular category. By staying updated with the latest hashtags, you can ensure that your content is fresh and in line with the trends.
  • Re-use your content by switching formats or recirculating them. Though, you need to post regularly, you do not have to reinvent the wheel each time. Reframe the content to suit your audience base. You can also switch content formats like converting blog into infographics or a presentation into video.
  • Remember, social media is all about sharing. So, do not just post content, share content from other businesses that relates to your products, industry or gains attention of your visitors. Emphasize on quality of posts done each day over quantity.
  • Manage your time effectively as you will tend to spend a significant time interacting over social media platforms. Time management becomes difficult, especially for business owners as they have to focus on running their business too. Create a plan to include different activities like content creation, blogging and others. Schedule your posts in advance and use tools that allow you to handle multiple social media profiles.

Social media marketing is an important tool for business, so do not overlook it. It’s the right time to embrace social media, so start now.


How To Market With Social Media

With Social Media you can easily engage with you customers, getting them involved with your business Social Media marketing is the new platform to easily engage with your customers, Alot of businesses use this as an advantage to connect with the customers, or even marketing to future customer/clients.

Now you may wonder how would it works? Its simple create an account with any social media platform, create your business page. Invite people to the page get all of the likes that you can, then start doing posts for example if you are a personal trainer and looking to gain more clients to your business, start posting nutrition facts, Work out tips and etc. Eventually you can manage and run contest with you current clients. Facebook isn’t the only social media platform, don’t forgot Facebook bought Instagram. You can easily connect them together. LinkedIn and Google+ are the other strong social media platforms.

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